The winter season is now here and with it a chance to spruce up your home. These winter season trends are all about keeping everything neutral, comfortable, and a lot of texture in the form of cushions and throws. Staying at home is the new going out, so you need to surround yourself with a lot of comfort this winter. Here are interior design trends for winter 2020/2021.

Go for comforting neutrals

A neutral color doesn’t go out of style, and it’s a color most homeowners go back to time and again, and surprisingly with a different twist each time. Neutral colors appeal to your need for a calm and restful home. Furniture pieces in modern shapes, several cushions, and in neutral colors, but with slight touches of velvet fringing and fabric will do magic.

Spice colors

Earthy colors are known to comfort and add warmth and depth to a living space. They remind you of the earth and the natural environment. Although you’ll be spending much of your time indoors, it’s quite important you get some connection to the outside world, and these cocooning shades will do just that.

All marble bathrooms

Marble isn’t a new thing, but this winter, you should try a marble trend to cover the entire bathroom. Applying marble almost 100% will give your bathroom a long and wider look. Truly, all marble is among the most versatile autumn and winter interior design trend.

Warm wooden items

Wooden elements will help to keep your living space warm by acting as natural insulators in this cold weather. Wooden panels and flooring will give a better impact. Surprisingly, there are simpler options also. Replace an old painting with a wooden art piece or bring in a rustic wooden side table, for example, a natural tree stump to place your beverages.

Eye-catching fireplaces

The fireplace is the best place for family and friends to gather around in the cold season. Stunning focal points add a form of ambiance to the room. Let your fireplaces make a statement with stunning screens that show off style and pattern. Interestingly, you shouldn’t be glued to your indoor fireplace. You can enjoy the cold season crisp air and mulled wine or hot coffee around your backyard fire pit.

Winter interior design trends are just endless. The list goes on to mirrored and metallic finishes and deep blue color shades, and never seems to come to an end. Don’t get it wrong, the cold season is here and you need to keep warm.