If you are looking for simple yet classical vintage interior design ideas, you are probably looking for mid-century modern style furnishing. This kind of furnishing was brought into America by Bauhaus architects and interior designers from Germany. The move to America was a result of economic problems caused by the Second World War in Germany. Mid-century style furniture has a lot of characteristics that you need to pay attention to for good results.

Mid-century modern style characteristics and furnishing ideas

Mid-century modern style furnishing ideas are dependent on prominent characteristics of such furniture. To achieve the best results, you should pay attention to the following ideas and features:

  • Emphasis on functionality- In mid-century modern architecture, rooms were designed for specific purposes. Everything else that was deemed unnecessary was eliminated. Multi-purpose furniture was sought after for conserving space. When furnishing using the mid-century modern style furniture, you should consider multi-purpose pieces. Additionally, you need to keep every piece in the right space for excellent results.
  • Diverse use of materials- A lot of technological advancements took place during the mid-century. This led to incorporation of no-traditional materials such as glass, steel, and plastic in interior design. If you are looking to incorporate mid-century modern style furnishing in your house, the choice of material is vital. You should choose durable materials that will deliver both durability and aesthetic value to your house.
  • An understated look- The main aim of mid-century modern style furnishing was to get people away from memories of the war and struggle. People wanted to forget the overstuffed and overfilled rooms they grew up in. To achieve the best out of mid-century modern style furnishing, you need to ensure the rooms are well clear. Adequate space allows your centerpieces to be seen and ensure proper air circulation.
  • Diverse coloring schemes- Mid-century modern style furnishing borrowed ideas from different cultures. Therefore, there was a wide range of colors that depicted cultural beliefs as well as personal references. You should find colors that match your interior design desires to achieve satisfactory results.

There are many other ideas that you need to consider when incorporating the mid-century modern style in your interior design. Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern furniture will give you more ideas and details. These include price estimates and where to get the furniture you need.